Uttoron (Hoichoi) 2022 Web Series Cast & Crew, Story, Release Date, IMDb Rating

Uttoron is the story of a woman, based on Sukanto Gangopadhyay’s story “Bottola” which will be released on 26th January in Hoichoi. Joydeep Mukherjee directed the series under the banner of SVF. Madhumita Sarcar whom everyone knows as Cheeni is in the lead role as Parna and also Rajdeep Gupta is there who appears as Abhi, husband of Parna and Swastika Dutta, Swaon Chakroborty & others.

Here is the Uttoron web series cast, crew, release date, story, review, real names trailer, and many more.

Uttoron Cast, Crew, Wiki, All Actors, Story, Released Date

Cast Name

  • Madhumita Sarcar as Parna
  • Rajdeep Gupta as Abhi
  • Swastika Dutta as Tanaya
  • Sawon Chakroborty
  • Abanti Dutta
  • Arindam Ganguly
  • Mithu Chakroborty
  • Gulshanara Khatun

Uttoron Wiki, Story & Released Date

Uttoron Hoichoi Series Cast

Uttoron is a story of Porna’s life. Porna, who is a School Teacher by profession. Porna and Abhi are a newly married couple whose new life was running well with her new family, new people but a sudden video clip from her past life changed everything. Porna losses them all in one go. her life turned upside down when her dearest husband left her on a basis of an MMS from her past.

Series nameUttaran
Premier on (platform Name)Hoichoi
Released Date   26th January
Lead actorMadhumita Sarcar
GenreSuspense, thriller
Directed Joydeep Mukherjee
Producers   SVF

Uttoron Cast name with photo

1. Madhumita Sarcar

Uttoron Hoichoi Series Actress Name Madhumita Sarcar
Madhumita Sarcar

Our favorite Cheeni, now she is appearing on a screen in a different look. We saw her in a different character for so long and now she is going to appear as Parna, where she plays the role of a wife as well as a school teacher. A happy married woman and also a teacher Whose life suddenly comes to a halt for a video clip.

2. Rajdeep Gupta

Uttoron Hoichoi Series Actor Name Rajdeep Gupta
Rajdeep Gupta

After a long gap, Rajdeep again back to Hoichoi with another character as Abhi is a doctor by profession, Parna’s husband. Abhi, who leaves his dearest wife for a sudden video clip.

3. Swastika Dutta

Uttoron Hoichoi Series Cast & Actress Name Swastika Dutta
Swastika Dutta

Swastika, our sweet Radhika now is going to appear on the big screen as Tanaya.


4. Swaon Chakroborty

Uttoron Hoichoi Series Cast & Actor Name Sawon Chakroborty
Sawon Chakroborty

5. Abanti Dutta

Uttoron Hoichoi Series Cast & Actress Name Abanti Dutta
Abanti Dutta

Abanti here plays the role of Abhi’s mother.

6. Arindam Ganguly

Uttoron Hoichoi Series Cast & Actor Name Arindam Ganguly
Arindam Ganguly

Arindam Ganguly who recently works on Kanyadaan nowhere appears as Abhi’s father.

7. Mithu Chakroborty

Uttoron Hoichoi Series Cast & Actress Name Mithu Chakroborty
Mithu Chakroborty

Mithu Chakroborty will appear as Porna’s mother.

8. Gulshanara Khatun

Uttoron Hoichoi Series Cast & Actress Name Gulshanara Khatun
Gulshanara Khatun

Gulshanara Khatun, after appearing in Gora now is here as Parna’s colleague.

Actor, Role, Character & Real Name

Real NameCharacter Name or Role nameRole
Madhumita SarcarParnaAbhi’s wife and also a school teacher
Rajdeep GuptaAbhiParna’s husband
Swastika DuttaTanyaNeighbour of Parna and Abhi
Sawon ChakrobortyNilarkoAbhi’s brother
Abanti DuttaNilarko’s mother
Arindam GangulySatyakishore BanerjeeAbhi’s father
Mithu Chakroborty will be updated soon Parna’s mother
Gulshanara KhatunSmitaParna’s colleague
Bidipta ChakrobortyAliParna’s colleague

Director, Producer & others Crew

DirectorJoydeep Mukherjee
Production HouseSVF


People Also Asks

#1. When Uttoron will be released?

Uttoron will be released on 26th January on Hoichoi.

#2. Who is the Producer of Uttoron?

The producer of Uttoron is Mahendra Soni

#3. Who is the Director of Uttoron?

The director of Uttoron is Joydeep Mukherjee.

#4. Who is the lead actor in Uttoron?

Madhumita Sarcar is in lead actor in Uttoron.

Uttoron is a story of a headstrong woman who copes up with the difficulty of life. It shows how the dearer ones leave during the tough phase of life and at the end of the day, it’s you who has to fix things up all by yourself.

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