The Family Man Season 2 Cast, Wiki, Actors, Story, Kids & Real Name

So the wait is finally over! the most awaited web series The Family Man season 2 is already out. The series premiered on 4th June 2021 on Amazon Prime Videos. The first season of this series got immense popularity and positive response and the fans were eagerly waiting for the sequel.

For this season too, fans have high expectations. In the last season, it is shown that Zoya (Shreya Dhanwantary) and Milind (Sunny Hinduja) were stuck in Delhi’s chemical factory and failed to fix the leakage. The poison is slowly mixing into the air thus risking thousands of lives. Thus it is clear that Mission Zulfiqar is far from over. This time major sameer comes up with Mission Zulfiqar 2.0.

Here is Amazon Prime series The Family Man season 2 Star Cast, Actor, actress, story, cast kids, Character real name, Released Date, daughter name, director, cast real name with photo, and more.

the family man season 2 cast, wiki, Actors, Story & Released Date

The Family Man 2 Web Series Cast, Crew, Wiki, All Actors, Story, Released Date

The Family Man 2 Cast Name

  • Manoj Bajpayee as Srikant Tiwari
  • Samantha Akkineni as Raji
  • Priyamani as Suchitra Tiwari
  • Sharib Hashmi as JK Talpade
  • Shreya Dhanwanthary as Zoya
  • Sunny Hinduja as Milind
  • Sharad Kelkar as Arvind
  • Darshan Kumaar as Major Sameer
  • Dalip Tahil as Mr. Kulkarni
  • Vipin Sharma as Sambit
  • Seema Biswas as PM Basu
  • Asif Sattar Basra as a counselor
  • Shahab Ali as Sajid
  • Ashlesha Thakur as Dhriti Tiwari
  • Vedant Sinha as Atharv Tiwari
  • Ravindra Vijay as Muthu Pandian
  • Devadarshini Chetan as Umayal
  • Mime Gopi as Bhaskaran
  • N Alagamperumal as Deepan
  • Anandsami as Selvarasan
  • Abhay Verma as Kalyan

The Family Man Season 2 Wiki, Story & Released Date

In the trailer, it is seen that Srikant Tiwari is going through a disturbed marriage who fails to keep a balance between his extremely low-paying, secretive job and his family. His wife told him that their marriage is a “Sham” which means Bogus.

On top of that, he is suffering from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). In seaon 1 we have witnessed about a middleman who has a government job but not just a regular job but it is beyond that. His task is to save the country, fight terrorism but still have to face the challenges like any other family man. This time we have seen srikant is working in a IT doing his regular 9-5 job. But when he suspected about a major terrorist attack in Chennai, he left his job and goes out in a mission along with JK, Muthu, Milind.

Show NameThe Family Man 2
Premier on (Channel Name)Amazon Prime
Released Date3th june 2021
Lead actorManoj Bajpaye
Child Kids CastAshlesha Thaakur & Vedant Sinha
GenreCrime Thriller
Total episodes7
Production byRaj Nidimoru & Krishna D.K
DirectorRaj Nidimoru & Krishna D.K
Writer Suman Kumar

The Family Man 2 Cast name with photo

1. Manoj Bajpayee

the family man season 2 actor Manoj Bajpayee
Manoj Bajpayee (Srikant Tiwari)

As seasion 1, again we will show Manoj Bajpayee in the same role as Srikant Tiwari, a middle-aged man who works as a senior analyst under a National intelligence agency(NIA). However he finds himself stuck between his family and personal life. but this time he will be working in a corporate firm where his boss Tanmay Ghosh nagging him as “a minimum guy”.

2. Sharad Kelkar

the family man season 2 cast Sharad Kelkar
Sharad Kelkar

Sharad kelkar will play the role of Arvind, Suchitra’s 2nd love interest.

3.  Samantha Akkineni

Samantha Akkineni

Here comes the new face of season 2, the talented and gorgeous south actress Samatha Akkineni. But wait! She won’t be portraying herself as a lady-love but an antagonist. She will be playing the role of Raji new face of danger. She is a Srilankan Tamilian.

4. Priyamani

the family man season 2 actress Priyamani as Suchitra Tiwari
Priyamani (Suchitra Tiwari)

As per previous session Priyamani again played the role of Suchitra Tiwari, wife of Srikant Tiwari. She is seen as a working woman but at the same time a loving, caring and a responsible mother. Things turned messy, when she got attached to Arvind. It will be interesting to see how their relationship goes.

5. Sharib Hashmi

Sharib Hashmi

Sharib Hashmi will be shown as an interesting character JK Talpade like in session 1. He is helping hand of Srikant in order to fight terrorism. He is a jolly-minded and fun-loving personality who never fails to lift up the mood of Srikant Tiwari.

6. Vedant Sinha

the family man season 2 child actor Vedant Sinha as Atharv Tiwari
Vedant Sinha (Atharv Tiwari)

Vedant Sinha is an Indian child actor. He will be shown as The family man kid cast Atharv Tiwari, son of Srikant Tiwari and Suchitra Tiwari. He is carefree and playful.

7. Shreya Dhanwantary

the family man season 2 actress Shreya Dhanwanth
Shreya Dhanwanth (Zoya)

In Family Man Sessions, Zoya, an honest, hardworking investigating officer. The role is being portrayed by Shreya Dhanwantary. But after the gas leakage, she can’t join the team.

8. Sunny Hinduja

the family man season 2 cast Sunny Hinduja
Sunny Hinduja

So, the last season ends with Milind (Sunny Hinduja) struggling to stop the leakage in the factory. He portrays the role of Milind, investigating officer under Srikant Tiwari. In this season , he was seen depressed and he keeps on blaming himself all the tragedy (48 civilians died and many were hospitalised as a result of leakage).

leakage in the factory. He is portraying the role of Milind, investigating officer under Srikant Tiwari.

9. Darshan Kumaar

The Family Man season 2 cast Darshan Kumaar
Darshan Kumaar

Darshan Kumar is playing the role of Major Sameer, one of the masterminds of Mission Zulfiqar. Again he is back with Mission Zulfiqar 2.0 which is much bigger and devastrating. He will be joining hand along with Srilankan Rebel Bhaskaran to execute his plans.

10. Ashlesha Thaakur

the family man season 2 girl cast Ashlesha Thakur as Dhriti Tiwari
Ashlesha Thakur (Dhriti Tiwari)

The role “Dhriti” daughter of Srikant Tiwari is being played by Ashlesha Thaakur. Dhriti, a teenage girl, was born to Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee) and Suchitra Tiwari (Priyamani).

11. Ravindra Vijay

Ravindra Vijay

portraying the role of Muthu Pandian, an local TASC agent. He will be helping Srikant to decode the terrorist mission.

12. Mime Gopi

Mime Gopi

He will be playing the role of a srilankan rebel Bhaskaran. They portray themselves as warrior who are fighting for their recognition.

13. Dalip Tahil

Dalip Tahil

He is the head of TASC ( Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell) portraying Kulkarni.

14. Vipin Sharma

Vipin Kumar Sharma

He will be playing a supportive role of Sambit , CM’s Secretary

15. Seema Biswas

Seema Biswas

she was seen playing the role of Prime Minister Basu, an arrogant women who is hungry for power and prestige.

16. Asif Sattar Basra

Asif Basra

He portrayed the role of a counsellor of Srikant and Suchhi regarding their marriage.

17. Devadarshini Chetan

The Family Man season 2 cast Devadarshini Chetan
Devadarshini Chetan

Umayal’s role is being played by Devadarshini Chetan. She is a sincere police officer of chennai. she will be investigating the murder case whose prime suspect is Raji.

18. N Alagamperumal

The Family Man season 2 cast N Alagamperumal
N Alagamperumal

He will be playing the role of Deepan .

29. Anandsami

Annd Sami

He will be seen portraying Selvarasan OR Selva , a srilankan rebel whose job is to train the rebels for the war .

20. Abhay Verma

Abhay Verma

Abhay Verma will be playing the role of Kalyan, Dhriti’s love interest, her boyfriend. He seems to be a mysterious guy since he is hiding his real identity (Salman).

21. Shahab Ali

Shahab Ali

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The Family Man Season 2 Actor, Role, Character & Real Name

Real NameCharacterRole
Manoj BajpayeeSrikant TiwariSenior Analyst at Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC)
Samantha AkkineniRajiNew antagonist
PriyamaniSuchitra TiwariWife of Srikant Tiwari
Sharib HashmiJK  Talpade Colleague of Srikant Tiwari
Vedant SinhaAtharv TiwariSon of Srikant Tiwari and Suchitra Tiwari
Shahab AliSajidTerrorist of ISIS
Shreya DhanwantaryZoyaIntelligence Officer under Srikant Tiwari
Sunny HindujaMilindOfficer under Srikant Tiwari
Sharad KelkarArvind2nd  love interest of Suchitra Tiwari
Darshan KumarMajor SameerOfficer in Pak. Army
Ashlesha ThaakurDhriti TiwariDaughter  of Srikant Tiwari and Suchitra Tiwari
Mime GopiBhaskaran sri- lankan rebel
Ravindra VijayMuthu Pandianlocal TASC Agent
Dalip TahiKulkarni head of TASC
Vipin KumarSambit Secretary of PM Basu
Seema BiswasMs. BasuPM of India
Asif sattar basraWill update sooncounselor of Suchhi and Srikant
Devadarshini Chetanumayal chennai police
N Alagam perumalDeepan Sri Lankan Rebel
Anandsamiselvarasan Sri Lankan Rebel
Abhay VermaKalyandhriti’s love interest

Director, Producer & others Crew

DirectorRaj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K & Suparn  S Varma
ProducerRaj Nidimoru & Krishna D.K
WriterSuman kumar, Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K
Production houseD2R films

The Family Man Season 2 Trailer

People Also Asks

#1. What is the Release date of The Family Man season 2?

The family man 2 is all set to have its global release on 4th june,2021 on Amazon Prime.

#2. Who is the Director of The Family Man season 2?

Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K (Raj & D.K) are the directors of The Family Man 2.

#3. lead actor’s name The Family Man season 2?

Manoj Bajpayee, Samantha Akkineni, Priyamani, JK Talwade , Darshan Kumar are in the lead roles of the family man 2.

#4. How many seasons does a family man have?

There are a total of 2 seasons of ‘The Family Man’. The first season was released on 20 September, 2019 and season 2 was released on 4th June 2021.

#5. Who is Saloni in the family man?

Saloni (Gul Panag) is the commander officer of Srikant in Srinagar. Both had a beautiful past together.

#6. Who is a family man?

Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee) is the family man who is trying to keep a balance between his professional and personal life.

#7. Is Moosa back in family man season 2?

In the last season of The Family Man, Moose was dead. However, it seems like the makers are planning for his comeback which can be seen in the recent teaser.

#8. Is The Family Man’s real story?

There are no such claims about the story . But yes, it depicts the struggle, pain, hardship of every patriot who put their life in danger so that we can have a peaceful night.

#9. The Family Man cast daughter Real Name.

Daughter role in The family man series played by Ashlesha Thaakur, an Indian child actress.

#10. The family man cast Dhriti Real name?

The family man cast daughter Dhriti is played by Child actress Ashlesha Thaakur.

#11. The family man kids cast.

The family man cast kids role played by Ashlesha Thaakur & Vedant Sinha.

#13. The family man Drishti real name.

In The Family Man the character Dhriti’s real name is Ashlesha Thakur (also known as Mehek Thakur)

#14.Where can I watch Family Man Season 2?

Both the series of the family man is available only on Amazon prime video

this time the audience is expecting the scale to be bigger and better. It is something we see and we feel it is a unique concept. We expect the plot to blow our minds. This time danger has got a new face.

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