MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestants Name with Photo 2021, Age, List

MTV Splitsvilla 13 is a dating reality show which airs on MTV (6th March 2021). The show is hosted by Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Sinhaa. This season is based on Greek mythology regarding golden arrows and silver arrows.

The show is all about young boys and girls hunting for love. They compete against each other and have to survive the doom sessions. Here one can find all forms of entertainment like friendship, love, jealousy, backstabbing and many more.

Here is Splitsvilla 13 Contestants Name with Photo 2021, Age, List, place, casting, Host.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 contestants name List, Age, wiki, Timing, Starting Date, Name with Photo

splitsvilla 13 contestants list 2021

  • Kat Kristian; Model and Influencer
  • Riya kishanchandani; Model and Influencer
  • Arushi Chib
  • Nikita Bhamidipati; Student
  • Aditi Rajput
  • Pallak Yadav
  • Bhumika Vasishth; Dancer
  • Azma Fallah (A)
  • Janvi Sikaria
  • Avantika Sharma; Dancer. (A)
  • Samrudhhi Yadav
  • Shweta Nair; Lawyer
  • Sapna Malik; Dentist (wild card entry)
  • Vyomesh Kaul; Powerlifter and an Athlete
  • Kevin Almasifar; MMA fighter (A)
  • Trevon Dyas; fitness model (A)
  • Samarthya Gupta; engineer, actor, model
  • Jay Dudhane; gymnast (A)
  • Nikhil Malik;
  • Gary Lu; dancer (A)
  • Shivam Sharma; Businessman (A)
  • Dhruv Malik; singer
  • Debashish Chandaramani

Splitsvilla 13 Timing, Starting date

Show NameMTV Splitsvilla (Season 13)
Premier on (Channel Name)MTV
Starting Date6th march,2021
Splitsvilla 13 hostSunny Leone , Rannvijay Sinhaa
Show TimeSaturday, 7 pm.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 contestants name with photos 2021

1. Kat kristian

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestant Kat Kristian
Tina Dutta

Born in Assam, Kat Krisrian is a model and an influencer. She has also participated in INTM -4 (India’s Next Top Model ) and MTV Ace Of Space season 2. She is here in Splitsvilla to find love.

2.Riya Kishanchandani

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestant Riya kishanchandani
Riya kishanchandani

Riya Kishanchandani is a Mumbai based model and influencer . she is 22 years old. She is sweet, cheerful and naughty. She is here to find connections and win our hearts.

3. Arushi Chib

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestant Arushi Chib
Arushi Chib

Here comes the cutest girl of the villa, Arushi Chib. She is cute and innocent. In a world full of casual relationships, she is looking for an old school lover and a charmer.

4. Nikita Bhamidipati

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestant Nikita Bhamidipati
Nikita Bhamidipati

Hails in south Mumbai, this 19 yrs old contestant is here to find the love of her life. She loves dating apps and Splitsvilla will be her  real life dating experience. She is actually looking for a man, and someone who will make her the centre of her universe.

5. Aditi Rajput

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestant Aditi Rajput
Aditi Rajput

She is a sweet and simple Dehradun based girl. She is here to have fun and make friends, also to find her perfect match. But if someone messes up with her , she is going to show her bitchy side.

6. Pallak Yadav

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestant Pallak Yadav
Pallak Yadav

Pallak Yadav is a 24 yrs old half Gujarati and half Punjabi. She is strong. Nife and messy. She is here to find someone who can take care of her messy life and travel along. She wants someone who can be a partner to her through thick and thin. “Yeh woh chilli ladka hai jo har kisi ko nhi jamta”.

7.Bhumika Vashisth

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestant Bhumika Vasishth
Bhumika Vasishth

She is a 24 years old dancer. she thinks herself to be the strongest of all the contestants (others are comparatively delicate). She is full of spirit and full of life.

8.Azma Fallah

She is a 22 years old Pune based girl. She is here to find a connection. She says, “ pyaar mein barbaad hone aayi hoon, like laila majnu”. She is sweet, bubbly and childish. Her constant “bakbak” is something the audience likes the most.

9. Janvi Sikaria

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestant Janvi Sikaria
Janvi Sikaria

She is a 27 years well known fitness advocate from Mumbai. She indulges herself in various fashion and styling since childhood. She is shy, pretty yet a strong contender.

10. Avantika Sharma

She is a 24 years old model and a social media influencer. Hailing from Shimla, she is very much active on social media posting stuff about dancing and travelling.

11. Samrudhhi Jadhav

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestant Samrudhhi Yadav
Samrudhhi Yadav

She is a popular instagram celebrity and model. She is 21 years old from Pune, Maharashtra. She rose to fame when she participated in MTV tv’s popular show MTV Splitsvilla.

12. Shweta Nair

She is a 22-year-old Indian model and actress from Mumbai. She appeared in a Bollywood film ‘Drive’. She featured herself in a tv advertisement for Davit Beverages.

13.Sapna Malik

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestant Sapna Malik
Sapna Malik

Sapna Malik is a dentist and a model. Her hometown is Chandigarh, India. She has also been a part of MTV’s popular show MTV Roadies Revolution. She is beautiful, smart and has a bright smile.

14.Devashish Chandaramani

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestant Debashish Chandaramani
Arushi Chib

He is an actor and model by profession. He has been a part of few hindi series (Beyhadh) as a cameo. He is a fitness freak, gymnast.

15.Vyomesh Kaul

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestant Vyomesh kaul
Vyomesh kaul

He is a 21 yrs athlete and powerlifter from Delhi. He is here to win our hearts . He seems to be a tough competitor.

16. Kevin Almasifar

Here is the ex contestant of Roadies Revolution, Kevin Almasifar. He was born in Iran but brought up in Pune. He is young and a MMA Fighter. He is here in Splitsvilla to find his Mrs. Almasifar

17. Trevon Dyas

 He is a fitness expert from Goa. He always listens to his brain rather than his heart and it always works for him. He is a combination of a good guy and a bad guy which makes him unpredictable. He is here to take his chance in love.

18. Samarthya Gupta

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestant Samarthya Gupta
Samarthya Gupta

He is a 24 year Jammu guy. He is an engineer turned actor and a dancer too. He claims to be a complete entertainment package. He loves to dance and to cook. He is here to find his connection and to win the game.

19. Jay Dudhane

He is a 23 years old Mumbaikar who started gymnastics when he was just 3 years old. He has participated in 7 nationals. He is a gym freak, adventurous and has a really good physique. He is not a perfect guy but he is assured to be a limited edition.

20. Nikhil Malik

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestant Nikhil Malik
Nikhil Malik

He is a 23 years old Delhi guy. He believes that body building won’t work everywhere, one must have a sharp mind too.

21.Gary Lu

He is a 21 years old guy from Dehradun . He is a dancer and a fitness freak . He loves to swim . He respects women, humble and very confident. He is here to win hearts.

22. Shivam Sharma

He is a 27 years old Dilliwala (resident of Delhi). He is a businessman, shayar and an actor. He is here to find his “Rani”

23. Dhruv Malik

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Contestant Dhruv Malik
Dhruv Malik

He seems to be the youngest contestant of Splitsvilla x13. He is 19 years old Punjabi Munda. He might not have a perfect body but have a melodious voice.

Splitsvilla 13 contestants Age and Hometown

Kat Kristian24 yearsAssam
Riya Kishanchandani22 yearsMumbai
Arushi Chib22 yearsJammu
Nikita Bhamidipati19 yearsSouth mumbai
Aditi Rajput26yearsDehradun
Pallak Yadav24 yearsPunjab
Bhumika Vasisth24 years 
Azma Fallah22 yearsPune
Janvi Sikaria24 yearsKolkata
Avantika Sharma24 yearsShimla
Shweta Nair22 yearsMumbai
Samruddhi jadhav21 yearsPune
 Vyomesh kaul21 yearsDelhi
Kevin almasifar24 yearsPune
Trevon dyas25 yearsGoa
Samarthya gupta24 yearsJammu
Jay dudhane23 yearsMumbai
Nikhil malik23 yearsDelhi
Gary lu21 yearsDehradun
Shivam sharma28yearsDelhi
Dhruv malik19 yearsPunjab


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