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Paap Season 2 (Hoichoi) Web Series Cast, Story, Actress & Released Date

After a lengthy wait, Paap Antim Pawrbo is going to release this June 2021, where Puja Banerjee, Rahul Banerjee will appear in the lead role, directed by Joydeep Mukherjee which premieres on Hoichoi.

Here is hoichoi web series Paap season 2 cast, crew, story, Actress, Actor, cast real name, Released date and many more.

Paap Season 2 web series Cast, Crew, Wiki, All Actors, Story, Released Date

Paap season 2 Star cast name

  • Puja Banerjee as Parboni aka Rubina
  • Rahul Banerjee as Inspector aka Nabin Chandra Das
  • Rajat Ganguly as Notun Meso
  • Shaheb Bhattacharya as Chhotan
  • Ananya Sengupta as Bulu
  • Indrajit Chakroborty as Borda aka Dhiman
  • Mishmee Das as Tiya
  • Mithu Chakroborty as Labonya
  • Rupsha Dasgupta as Bidisha
  • Bhaswar Chatterjee as Srimonto
  • Priyanaka Mondal as Mejoboudi
  • Angana Roy as Kakuli
  • Suhotra Mukhopadhya as Young Dhiman
  • Arunava Dey as Young Nabin Chandra Das
  • Subhrajit Dutta as Nabarun aka Boni
  • Nilotpal Banerjee as Young Srimanto
  • Sonali Basu
  • Sagnik as Special Crime brunch Officer
  • Prosun Saha as Reporter

Paap Web Series season 2 Wiki, Story & Released Date

Paap is based on a story of an ancient Durga Puja, where everyone came back to their home to celebrate the festival together. Meanwhile Parboni, an unexpected guest who came to end all sins. After her coming some mysterious death happens one by one. During the investigation of mysterious deaths, Inspector got some clue where a terrible past has hidden that’s why those deaths are happening; a story of dark past for this who came back to end all sins.

Paap Season 2 Web Series cast name with photo
Show NamePaap season 2 (অন্তিম পর্ব)
Premier on (Platform)Hoichoi
Released Date4th June, 2021
Lead actorPuja Banerjee & Rahul Banerjee
Production bySVF
DirectorJoydeep Mukherjee

Cast name with photo

1. Puja Banerjee

Paap Season 2 Web Series actress Puja Banerjee
Puja Banerjee as Parboni aka Rubina

Puja Banerjee is an actor who appeared in many Bengali hit films. After a long gap, she debuted the web series through the Paap season 1. Here she plays the role of Parboni; who had a mysterious past, who came back to end all sins; that happened at her young age.

2. Rahul Banerjee

Paap Season 2 Web Series cast Rahul Banerjee
Rahul Banerjee as Inspector

Rahul Banerjee appeared as an inspector in the first season who came to investigate those uncertain deaths & who is also trying to unfold some hidden secret from Parboni. Here besides Puja Banerjee & Rahul also plays the lead role; who receives some clues.

3. Shaheb Bhattacharya

Paap Season 2 Web Series cast Shaheb Bhattacharya
Shaheb Bhattacharya as Chhotan

Shaheb Bhattacharya played the role of Chhotan, who knew all the secrets about their house; he was the only one who knows what happens with Parboni.

4. Rajat Ganguly

Paap Season 2 Web Series cast Rajat Ganguly
Rajat Ganguly as Notun Meso

Rajat Ganguly plays the role of Notun Meso as season1.


5. Mishmee Das

Mishmee Das

Mishmee Das debuted through this series and appeared in many tv series.

6. Bhaswar Chateerjee

Paap Season 2 Web Series cast Bhaswar Chatterjee
Bhaswar Chatterjee as Srimonto

Bhaswar Chatterjee plays the role of Mejda.


7. Indrajit Chakraborty

Paap Season 2 Web Series cast Indrajit Chakroborty
Indrajit Chakroborty

Indrajit Chakraborty appeared as an elder son as season1.

8.Roopsha Dasgupta

Paap Season 2 Web Series cast Rupsha Dasgupta
Rupsha Dasgupta as Bidisha

Roopsha plays the role of elder daughter in law, Bidisha.

9.Priyanka Mondal

Paap Season 2 Web Series Priyanaka Mondal
Priyanaka Mondal

Here Priyanka appeared as Srimonto’s wife.

10. Angana Roy

Paap Season 2 Web Series cast Angana roy
Angana roy

Anagana plays the role of Kakuli, a reporter as season1.In a short time period she became popular for her work Tansener Tanpura

as Rohini, Mohomaya & Shei Je Holud Pakhi (season1 &2).

11. Ishani Das

Ishani plays the most promising character young Paru who came to stay with her mother in her Notun Masi’s home.But here Chaudhary’s all boys tortured physically even their father also did. For that she got pregnant but blamed this pregnancy on servant Nabin.After that they expelled Paru & her mother along with Nabin.

12. Subhrajit Datta

Paap Season 2 Web Series cast Subhrajit Dutta
Subhrajit Dutta

Subhajit plays the role of Bulu’s husband Nabarun.

13. Arunava Dey

Paap Season 2 Web Series cast Arunava Dey
Arunava Dey

Arunava here appeared for a short time as Nabin Chandra Das the servant of Chaudhuri parivaar who slandered that he has a relationship with Paru & reason of Paru’s pregnancy.

14. Suhotra Mukhopadhay

Here Suhotra appears as Young Dhiman, Chaudhury’s elder son.

Suhotra also appeared in Mohamaya season 2 as Mimo, elder son of Aruna Sarakr.

15. Ananya Sengupta

Paap_Season 2 Web Series cast Ananya Sengupta

Ananya as Bulu the elder daughter of Chaudhary Parivar.

Before that Ananya played the role of teacher in Mohomaya. Even Ananya is on tv screen a popular face who everyday watches on tv they know she had another identity as Radhika’s Moni in Ki Kore Bolbo Tomai which aired on ZEE Bangla.


Paap Season 2 Web Series cast Sagnik

Sagnilk plays the role of an IB  Officer.

17. Prosun Saha

Paap Season 2 Web Series cast Prosu Saha
Prosu Saha

Prosun plays the role of cameraman of reporters.

18. Nilotpal Banerjee

Paap_Season 2 Web Series cast Nilotpal Banerjee
Nilotpal Banerjee

Nilotpal as young Srimanto as season1.

Hoichoi web series Paap season 2 Actor, Role, Character & Real Name

Real NameCharacter Name or Role NameRole
Puja BanerjeeParboni aka RubinaSheltered of Chaudhuri Parivar
Rahul BanerjeeMr.Halder aka Nabin Chandra DasInspector aka servent of Chaudhuri family in young age
Rajat GangulyNotun MesoHead of Chuadhuri Parivar
Bhaswar ChaterjeeSrimontoSecond son of Chaudhuri Parivar
Shaheb BhattacharyaChhotanYoung son of Chaudhuri Parvar
Priyanaka MondalMejo BoudiSrimonta’s wife
Mishmee DasTiyayoung daughter of Chaudhuri Parivar
Ananya SenguptaBuluElder daughter of Chuadhuri Parivar
Indrajit ChakrobortyDhimanElder son of Chaudhuri parivar
Rupsha DasguptaBidishaDhiman’s wife
Mithu ChakrobortyLabonyaNotun meso’s sister
Ishani DasYoung ParboniSheltered of Chaudhuri Parivar
Suhotra MukhopadhayYoung DhimanElder son of Chaudhuri Parivar
Arunava DeyYoung Nabin Chandra DasServent of Chaudhuri Parivar
Angana RoyKakuliReporter
Subhrajit DuttaNabarun aka BoniHusband of Bulu
Nilotpal BanerjeeYoung SrimantoSecond son of Chaudhuri Parivar
Prosun SahaN/AReporter
SagnikRijuSpecial Crime Brunch

Director, Producer & others Crew

ProducerWill be updated soon
DirectorJoydeep Mukherjee
Production HouseSVF


People Also Asks

#1.Paap season 2 release date?

this will be released on 4th June.

#2.Who is the Producer of Paap season2 ?

The producer of Paap season 2 will be updated soon.

#3.Who is the Director of Paap season2?

The director of Paap season 2 is Joydeep Mukherjee.

#4.Paap season 2 lead actor’s name?

Puja Banerjee & Rahul Banerjee will play the lead in Paap season 2.

#5.What is the real name of Kakuli?

The real name of Kakuli is Angana Roy.

After the eager anticipation of the audience, Hoichoi brings Paap antim pawrbo which is laughing on this 4th June. So excited audience who have waited a long, their wait is over. Share your experience and leave a comment on how did you feel after seeing season 2.   



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