Murder In The Hills (Hoichoi) Cast & Crew, Story, Actress & Release Date

Murder In The Hills is a thrilling-based mysterious series presenting by SVF Entertainment and Hoichoi originals. It will premiere on 23rd July 2021 in Hoichoi. Directed and written by Anjan Dutta. Here cast by Rajat Ganguly, Anjan Dutta, Arjun Chakroborty, Anindita Bose, Rajdeep Gupta, Sandipta Sen, Suprobhat Das, and Saurav Chakraborty, and others. Check below all the cast with photos.

Here is Murder in the Hills web series cast, wiki, story, actor and actress name, director, producer, cast real name, promo, Release Date, and others.

Murder In The Hills hoichoi Cast and Crew

Murder in the Hills Cast & Crew, Wiki, All Actors, Story, Released Date

Murder In The Hills Cast Name

  • Anjan Dutt
  • Rajat Ganguly
  • Saswati Guha Thakurata
  • Arjun Chakraborty
  • Rajdeep Gupta
  • Anindita Bose
  • Sandipta Sen
  • Sourav Chakroborty
  • Suprobhat Das
  • Suhotra Mukhopadhay

Murder In The Hills Hoichoi Wiki, Story & Released Date

Murder in the Hills is a suspicious and thrilling series. Here we see many characters like Writer, Teacher, Police, Filmmaker, Doctor, Journalist, and coach where somehow everyone is connected. In the evening Anjan Dutta (original name) invites that writer, teacher, Journalist, filmmaker, and others in his house to murder them. But he murdered himself. After the murder investigation is continuing and unfold much-hidden truth.

Web Series NameMurder in The Hills
Premier on (Channel Name)Hoichoi
Released Date23rd July 2021
Lead ActorArjun Chakroborty,
Rajdeep Gupta,
Anindita Bose,
Saurav Chakroborty
Suprobhat Das
Sandipta Sen
DirectorAnjan Dutta

Murder In The Hills Cast name with photo

1. Anjan Dutta

So, the popular singer, director, and also good actor, Anjan Dutta is back with a new thrilling series. Here he plays the role of a star who invites a news reporter, Coach, teacher, COP, Doctor, Writer, and a filmmaker to murder them but he himself is murdered. 

Murder In The Hills star Anjan Dutta
Anjan Dutta

Here Anjan Dutta is not the actor of this series, he also directs the series.

2. Rajat Ganguly

Murder In The Hills star cast Rajat Ganguly
Rajat Ganguly

Rajat Ganguly is back after his last series Paap where he sings an excellent performance. In the Paap series, he played another role that was really acclaimed. Here he is also going to appear as a writer who has some past.

3. Saswati Guha Thakurata

Murder In The Hills star Saswti Guha Thakurata
Saswti Guha Thakurata

4. Arjun Chakraborty

Murder In The Hills actor Arjun Chakraborty
Arjun Chakraborty

Arjun here appears as a Journalist. He works in a cheap newspaper of Kolkata as a correspondent who stays in Darjeeling to find some truth. That’s why from him hiding something it’s impossible.


5. Rajdeep Gupta

Murder In The Hills male actor Rajdeep Gupta
Rajdeep Gupta

Rajdeep back in the web series in a new form. Here he is a COP who is not very strict but he can be strict enough if needed.

6. Suprobhat Das

Murder In The Hills cast Suprobhat Das
Suprobhat Das

In Web Dunia, Suprobhat is a very popular face as Ajit, friend, philosopher of Byomkesh. Now Ajit aka Suprobhat is back in a different taste of character. Here he plays the role of a Coach.


7. Anindita Bose

Murder In The Hills actress Anindita Bose
Anindita Bose

Anindita Bose who just appeared in her last Series RAY on Netflix, where she plays the role of teacher.

8. Sandipta Sen

Murder In The Hills female actor Sandipta Sen
Sandipta Sen

Television popular face Sandipta made her first appearance in web series through the series. Here she plays the role of a doctor.

9. Saurav Chakroborty

Murder In The Hills male actor Sourav Chakroborty
Sourav Chakraborty

After a gap, Sourav again returns with another thrilling character who is a filmmaker by passion. He quits his big financial consultant job in Hyderabad only for following his passion. He shipped from Hyderabad to Kolkata for making films whose last 4 films are super hits.

10. Suhotra Mukhopadhay

Murder In The Hills cast Suhotra Mukhopadhay
Suhotra Mukhopadhay

Actor, Role, Character & Real Name

Real NameCharacterRole
Anjan Duttawill be updated soonThe Star
Rajat Gangulywill be updated soonThe Writer
Saswati Guha Thakuratawill be updated soonwill be updated soon
Arjun Chakroborty will be updated soonThe News Reporter
Suprobhat Daswill be updated soonThe Coach
Anindita Bosewill be updated soonThe Teacher
Sandipta SenDr. PradhanThe Doctor
Rajdeep Guptawill be updated soonThe COP
Sourav Chakrobortywill be updated soonThe Filmmaker
Suhotra Mukhopadhaywill be updated soonwill be updated soon

Director, Producer & others Crew

DirectorAnjan Dutta
ProducerUpdated soon
Production HouseSVF

It’s been a long time since Hoichoi is bringing this type of story for which audiences are eagerly waiting. Hope you all love the series. Don’t forget to share your feelings with us after watching. Leave a comment on your feelings.


People Also Asks

#1.Murder in the Hills release date?

Murder in the Hills will be released on 23rd July 2021 only on Hoichoi.

#3. Who is the Director of Murder in the Hills?

Anjan Dutta is the director of Murder in the Hills.

#4. Murder in the hills lead actor’s name?

Anjan Dutta, Rajat Ganguly, Suprobhat Das, Arjun Chakraborty, Anindita Bose, Snadipta Sen, Saurav Chakraborty, and Rajdeep Gupta are in leading in Murder in the Hills.

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