Kabuliwala Movie Cast name, Wiki, Story, Release Date

The timeless tale of Rabindranath Tagore’s “Kabuliwala” is set to return to theatres this Christmas with a new adaptation starring veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty in the lead role.  The movie is directed by Suman Ghosh and features Abir Chatterjee, Sohini Sarkar, and Anumegha Kahali in supporting roles. The heartwarming story is set in Kolkata in 1965 and revolves around the relationship between Rahmat, a middle-aged Afghan man, and Mini, a little girl. The film promises to be a cinematic marvel that will resonate with audiences of all ages.

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Kabuliwala Movie Cast Name

  • Mithun Chakraborty as Rahamat
  • Anumegha Kahali as Mini
  • Abir Chatterjee as Aurobindo Mukherjee, Mini’s father
  • Sohini Sarkar as Sneho, Mini’s mother
  • Sumit Samaddar as Bhola, the man-servant
  • Kanchan Mullick as a shopkeeper
  • Javaid Khan
  • Shahid Mushtaq

Kabuliwala Movie Wiki, Story & Released Date

Kabuliwala Movie Cast name

 “Kabuliwala” revolves around the endearing connection between Rahmat, a middle-aged Afghan man, and Mini, a young girl. Rahmat, a dry fruit seller, befriends Mini, evoking a bond that transcends borders and cultures. The movie delves into universal themes of love, loss, and the power of human connections, promising a cinematic experience that will resonate with audiences of all ages.

Get ready to embark on a memorable cinematic journey with “Kabuliwala” as it weaves together emotion, culture, and the enduring spirit of human relationships. Mark your calendars for this must-see film and prepare to be captivated by its rich narrative, stunning visuals, and soulful music. This Movie is poised to be a timeless classic that will leave a lasting impression on all who experience its magic.

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Movie NameKabuliwala
Released on Theatre
Released Date   December 23, 2023
Lead StarsMithun Chakraborty,  Abir Chatterjee,  Sohini Sarkar
DirectedSuman Ghosh
Producers   Jyoti Deshpande, Shrikant Mohta and Mahendra Soni

Kabuliwala Movie Cast name with photo

1.  Mithun Chakraborty

Mithun Chakraborty portrays the lead role of Rahmat in this Movie. Rahmat is a middle-aged Afghan dry fruit seller who forms a heartwarming bond with Mini, a young girl, in Kolkata in 1965. The character of Rahmat is a poignant representation of fatherly love that transcends borders and cultures, making the story a timeless and universal tale of human connection.

2. Abir Chatterjee

Abir Chatterjee plays the role of Mini’s father in the film “Kabuliwala”. The film is a modern adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s classic tale and is set in Kolkata in 1965. The story revolves around the heartwarming connection between Rahmat, a middle-aged Afghan man and Mini, a little girl.

3. Sohini Sarkar

Sohini Sarkar plays the role of Mini’s mother ‘Rama’ in the upcoming movie “Kabuliwala”. Sohini Sarkar’s character, Rama, is an important part of the story as she is Mini’s mother and plays a crucial role in shaping Mini’s life. Rama is a strong and independent woman who is fiercely protective of her daughter. She is a loving mother who wants the best for her child.

4. Kanchan Mullic

Kanchan Mullick is a prominent Tollywood actor known for his work in Bengali films, television, and theatre. Born on May 6, 1970, in West Bengal, India, he has appeared in various movies, including “Mahakaal,” “Ranjana Ami Ar Ashbona,” “Zulfiqar,” and “Bachchan.” Mullick is also recognized for his contributions to Bengali theatre, having worked with the renowned theatre group Swapnasandhani. In addition to his acting career, he is a member of the All India Trinamool Congress and won the Uttarpara constituency seat in the 2021 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election. Mullick’s versatile talent has earned him a significant following in the entertainment industry, and he continues to be a prominent figure in Bengali cinema and politics. 

Kabuliwala Movie Actor, Role, Character & Real Name

ActorCharacter nameRole
Mithun Chakraborty  RahamatLead Role
Anumegha Kahali MiniChild
Abir Chatterjee Aurobindo MukherjeeMini’s father
Sohini Sarkar  SnehoMini’s mother
Sumit SamaddarBholathe man-servant
Kanchan Mullick Updated Soonshopkeeper

Kabuliwala Movie Director, Producer & others Crew

ProducerJyoti Deshpande, Shrikant Mohta and Mahendra Soni
DirectorSuman Ghosh
Production HouseJio Studio & SVF Entertainment
Written bySreejib
Story, Screenplay & dialogue bySuman Ghosh, Sreejib


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the “Kabuliwala” release date?

The release date of Mithun Chakraborty and Abir Chatterjee’s ‘Kabuliwala’ is 12th December 2023.

2. Is Kabuliwala a real story?

The “Kabuliwala” is a fictional short story by one of India’s most beloved writers, Rabindranath Tagore. He wrote it in the 19th century and based his main character, an Afghan migrant, on Kabuliwalas he saw in his own Calcutta lane.

3. Is Kabuliwala a hit or flop?

Due to his good acting and hard work, this movie has proved to be a super duper hit. It has been successful and is going to earn a good amount of money in the future.

4. What is the Box Office collection of the “Kabuliwala” movie?

Kabuliwala movie earned more than ₹ 1 crore at the box office in the first 5 days. Till now the film has earned more than ₹ 2.7 crore at the box office.

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