Gora (Hoichoi) Web Series Cast & Crew, Story, Actors & Release Date

Gora is a serial killer specialist story, which was released on 7th Jan 2022 in Hoichoi. After Mouchak and Indu, Sayantan Ghosal’s other successful series by his direction is Gora. Rohit Samanta and Sahana are the producers under the banner of Missing Screw production house. Sahana Dutta is the writer of the whole story. It has an IMDb rating of 8.5.

Here is the web series cast, crew, real name, trailer, story, review, and many more

Gora Cast, Crew, Wiki, All Actors, Story, Released Date

Gora Cast Name

  • Ritwick Chakraborty as Gora aka Gaurab Sen
  • Ishaa Saha as Somlata
  • Suhotro Mukhopadhay as Sarothi
  • Anuradha Roy
  • Ananya Sen as Konka
  • Payel De as Supriya Guha
  • Koushik Chatterjee as Tanmoy Talukder
  • Abhijit Guha as Tarapada Sarkhel
  • Aemilia Sandhukan
  • Aritra Dutta as Amit
  • Ananda Choudhuri
  • Gulshanara Khatun as Nipa

Wiki, Story & Released Date

Gora (Hoichoi) Web Series Cast

The web series is basically the story of a serial killer specialist. Private “defective” Gaurab Sen is a man who can never remember his case’s all things. Mr. Sarkhel to come him for solving the case about the murder which happened in city one by one and the all famous writer murdered. Another side, Somlota came to Gora with a different type of case, she told him that she is going to murder as soon. She requested him to stop her. What will happen till the end to know what to watch on Gora?

Series nameGora
Premier on (platform Name)Hoichoi
Released Date   7th Jan 2022
Lead actorsRitwick Chakroborty
Directed Sayantan Ghoshal
Producers   Rohit Samanta and Sahana Dutta
Cinematography by Tuban
Music byBinit Ranjan Moitra

Gora web series Wiki, Story & Released Date Cast name with photo

1. Ritwick Chakrobborty

Gora (Hoichoi) Web Series Actor Name Ritwick Chakrobborty
Ritwick Chakraborty

Ritwick Chakroborty after his successful movies Parineeta, Nagarkirton, and Vinchi Da on the big screen, now is going to play a different taste character in the OTT platform. He will portray the character of a serial killer specialist who forgot every clue and sometimes he sang to remember the clue when he thought that his friend cum assistant make a plan to Bangalore.

2. Ishaa Saha

Gora (Hoichoi) Web Series Actress Name Ishaa Saha
Ishaa Saha

After Indu, Ishaa Saha again back with an interesting character Somlota, who had a bad habit in her childhood days and that was sleepwalking. She came to the male protagonist with a statement that she is going to murder as soon as she requested him to stop her and she also revealed that after marriage her childhood habit of sleepwalking is again back in her life.

3. Suhotra Mukhopadhyay

Gora (Hoichoi) Web Series Actor Name Suhotro Mukhopadhay
Suhotro Mukhopadhyay

Suhotra is the knowing name to every one of series after appeared Byomkesh series, MohoMaya, Indu now he is here as a Sarothi, the one only friend, assistant in a word he is everything of his forgetful friend cum serial killer specialist. Sarothi and Kanaka, love each other and they decided to marry and want to go to Bangalore.


4. Anuradha Roy

Gora (Hoichoi) Web Series Cast & Actress Name Anuradha Roy
Anuradha Roy

Anuradha Roy here appears as Gora and Kanka’s mother.


5. Ananya Sen

Gora (Hoichoi) Web Series Cast & Actress Name Ananya Sen
Ananya Sen

Ananya Sen who recently debut on the big screen in Ekkannoborti, now here she is playing the role of Kanka who is younger than 16 years. Konka and Sarothi love each other and they decided to marry but this news they didn’t inform her elder brother.

6. Payel De

Gora Web Series Cast and actress Payel De
Payel De

Payel De again is appearing in a different character after Indu now she appears as a writer Supriya Guha, who can be an excellent writer but the society and the famous writer who just finished her.

7. Kaushik Chatterjee

Gora (Hoichoi) Web Series Cast & Actor Name Koushik Chatterjee
Koushik Chatterjee

Kaushik Chatterjee is played the role of a writer Tanmay Talukder who falls in love with Supriya.

8. Abhijit Guha

Gora (Hoichoi) Web Series Cast & Actor Name Abhijit Guha
Abhijit Guha

Abhijit Guha the popular with all of us, after Dupur Thakurpo and then he appeared in many series, where he is plays the role of police and who can’t solve any case, Gora.

9. Aemilia Sandhukhan

Gora (Hoichoi) Web Series Cast & Actress Name Aemilia Sandhukan
Aemilia Sandhukhan

10. Arita Dutta

Gora (Hoichoi) Web Series Cast & Actor Name Aritra Dutta
Aritra Dutta

Aritra Dutta plays the role of Amit, husband of Somlota.

11. Ananda Choudhuri

Gora (Hoichoi) Web Series Cast & Actor Name Ananda Choudhuri
Ananda Choudhuri

12. Gulshanara Khatun

Gora Web Series Cast and actress Gulshanara Khatun
Gulshanara Khatun

Gulshanara Khatun as Nipa, whom Supriya called her Sister.

Actor, Role, Character & Real Name

Real NameCharacter Name or Role nameRole
Ritwick ChakrobortyGora aka Gaurab SenSerial Killer specialist
Ishaa SahaSomlotanewly married woman
Suhotra MukhopadhyaySarothiJunior aka a friend of Gora
Anuradha Roymother of Gora and Konka
Ananya SenKonkasister of Konka and would-be wife of Sarothi
Payel DeSupriya Guhaan emerging writer
Abhijit GuhaTarapada SarkhelPolice officer
Koushik ChatterjeeTanmoy Talukdera famous writer
Aemilia Sandhukhanwill update soonwill update soon
Aritra DuttaAmithusband of Somlota
Gulshanara KhatunNipasister of Supriya Guha
Ananda Choudhuriwill update soonwill update soon

Director, Producer & others Crew

ProducerRohit Samanta and Sahana Dutta
DirectorSayantan Ghoshal
Production HouseMissing Screw


People Also Asks

#1. Which is the release date, Gora?

Gora is already released on 7th Jan 2022 on Hoichoi.

#2. Who is the Producer of Gora?

Sahana Dutta and Rohit Samanta are the producer of Gora.

#3. Who is the Director of Gora?

Sayantan Ghoshal is the director of Gora.

#4. Who is the lead actor in Gora?

Ritiwick Chakraborty is in the lead role of Gora.

We got so many detective characters through Hoichoi for so long like Byomkesh Bakshi, Eken Babu, got also lady Detective like Damayanti, Rohini also from Bouma Detective, now this time Hoichoi is back with a new but different type of detective character, Gora.

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