Damayanti Web Series (Hoichoi) Cast & Crew, Actress, Story, Roles

Damayanti is an Indian crime thriller web series which premiered on Hoichoi. Damayanti web series released on 22nd October 2020. In this web series Tuhina Das, Indrasish Roy & Chandreyee Ghosh played the lead role.  The series was produced by Rohan Ghose and directed by Rohan Ghose & Aritra Sen.

Damayanti Web Series cast and actress

Let’s talk about Damayanti Web Series cast, actor, actress, story, director and producer name, role and character and many more.

Damayanti Web Series Cast, Crew & Wiki

Damayanti web series Cast Name

  • Tuhina Das
  • Indrasish Roy
  • Shoumo Banarjee
  • Chandreyee Ghosh
  • Amrita Chattopadhyay
  • Gautam Purkayastha
  • Arpan Ghoshal
  • Rohit Basfore
  • Judhajit Sarkar

Damayanti web series Wiki, Story & Released Date

Damayanti web series based on the life of an Investigator journalist. Her hunting for truth, unfolds dangerous secrets hidden for a long time. But her passion for truth was followed by a heavy challenge.

Damayanti web series actress
Show NameDamayanti
Premier on (Channel Name)Hoichoi
Released Date22nd October 2020
Lead ActorTuhina Das, Indrasish Roy & Amrita chattopadhyay
GenreMysterious Crime Thriller
ProducerRohan Ghose
DirectorAritra Sen & Rohan Ghose

Damayanti web series Actor, role & character

Real NameCharacter Name or Role nameRole
Tuhina DasDamayanti Dutta GuptaHistory professor
Indrasish RoySamaresh Dutta GuptaDamayanti’s husband
Soumya BanarjeeSiben SenPolice Officer
Chandreyee GhoshMunia RoyWife of Dr. B.S Roy & Sharmistha’s Moni
Amrita chattopadhyaySharmisthaDaughter of Dr. B.S Roy
Gautam PurkayasthaDr.B.S RoyOwner of Aikkotan,& Chemco Chemical Lab & father of Sharmistha, husband of Munia Roy
Arpan GhoshalUjjawalStakeholder of Dr.B.S Roy company, Sharmistha’s wouldbe husband
Rohit BasforeNarsinghUpdated soon
Judhajit SarkarMirchandaniBusiness Partner of Dr. B.S Roy

Damayanti web series Cast name with photo

1Tuhina Das

Damayanti Web Series actress Tuhina Das
Tuhina Das

Tuhina Das plays the lead role of Damayanti Dutta Gupta in this series. By profession Tuhina Das is an actress, known for her acting in such films, Asche Abar Shabor (2018), Sin Sister (2020).

2Indrasish Roy

Damayanti Web Series Cast Indrasish Roy
Indrasish Roy

Indrasish Roy played the lead role as Samaresh Dutta Gupta in Damayanti web series. In this series Indrasish played his role as Damayanti Dutta Gupta’s husband.

By profession Indrasish Roy is an actor and assistant director. He is known for The Waterfall (2017) Chotushkone (2014) and Amar shahar.

3Shoumo Banarjee

Damayanti Web Series Cast Shoumo Banarjee
Shoumo Banarjee

In Damayanti web series Shoumo Banarjee played the role of Siben Sen. Here he played the role of a Police Officer & also he was the childhood friend of Samaresh.

By profession Soumya is an assistant director and an actor. Soumya is known for his work in Premer Kahini(2008), Pati Premer Guru (1991) & Neelimay Neel (1991).

4Chandreyee Ghosh

Damayanti Web Series Cast Chandreyee Ghosh
Chandreyee Ghosh

Chandreyee Ghosh played the character of Munia Roy in Damayanti web series.

Chandreyee is popularly known as Villain. She is the popular face in the television industry. She is known for doing such films Hatey Roilo Pistol (2011), Kuheli(2016) and Necklace (2011).

5Amrita Chattopadhyay

Damayanti Web Series Cast Amrita Chattopadhyay
Amrita Chattopadhyay

Amrita Chattopadhyay played the lead role of Sharmistha in this series. Here She is the daughter of Dr.B.S Roy.

Professionally she is an actress, known for her work in such films Janla diye bou palalo, JL50 (2020), Load Shedding (2015), & Tushagni (2019), Bou Kno Psycho(Web series). 

6Gautam Purkayastha

Gautam Purkayastha plays the role of Sharmistha’s father & husband of Munia Roy in this series.

7Arpan Ghoshal

Amrita Chattopadhyay Arpan Ghoshal
Arpan Ghoshal

Arpan Ghoshal plays the role of Ujjwal. Ujjwal & Sharmistha love each other deeply & they get ready for their marriage. Ujjawal was an Army officer but now he is the stakeholders of Dr.B.S Roy’s company.

8Rohit Basfore

Damayanti Web Series Cast Rohit Basfore
Rohit Basfore

Rohit Basfore played the character of Narsingh in Damayanti web series. Rohit Basfore is a theatre artist besides stage acting he is also active in camera acting like web series Eken Babu Season 1 (2018), Karl Rogue, & Mafia.

9Judhajit Sarkar

Damayanti Web Series Cast Judhajit Sarkar
Judhajit Sarkar

Judhajit Sarkar playing the role of Mirchandani in Damayanti web series.

He is known for his acting in such films The Pursuant (2018), Devil’s Choice (2019), and Rahasya Romancha Series (2019).

Damayanti web series Director, Producer & others Crew

Rohan GhoshProducer
Aritra Sen & Rohan GhoseDirector
Roadshow FilmsProduction House
Series Sound & Music DepartmentAnindita Roy & Nabarun Bose

Some F.A.Q

Damayanti web series release date?

Damayanti web series released on 22nd October 2020 on Hoichoi.

Who is the Producer of Damayanti series?

Web series Damayanti produced by Rohan Ghosh.

Who is the Director of Damayanti web series?

Aritra Sen & Rohan Ghose direct the web series Damayanti.

Damayanti web series lead actor’s name?

Tuhina Das, indrasish Roy & Amrita chattopadhyay played the lead role of web series Damayanti.

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