Charitraheen 3 (Hoichoi) Web Series Cast, Actress, Story & Released Date

Charitraheen 3 is a thriller based web series which aired on HoichoiSwastika Mukherjee, Saurav Das & Naina Ganguly will play the lead role in this web series. This series is directed by Famous director Debaloy Bhattacharya.

Lets Know about Charitraheen 3 actors, actress, cast real name, Story, Director, Producer, Budget and more.

Charitraheen 3 Web series
Charitraheen session 3

Charitraheen 3 Web series Cast, Crew, Story, Wiki, Cast Real Name

Charitraheen season 3 Cast Name

  • Saurav Das as Satish
  • Swastika Mukherjee as Anuja/ Rabeya Samim
  • Naina Ganguly as Kirnmoyee Gomes
  • Sourav Chakraborty as Abhay
  • Mumtaz Sorcar as Nirupama
  • Alivia Sarkar as Patient of Rabeya
  • Judhajit Sarkar as Richard Gomes
  • Farhan Imroze as Shoaib Mirza
  • Shabnam Mustafi as Mehendi

Charitraheen session 3 Web Series Wiki, Story & Released Date

Charitraheen season 3 is a thriller based web series, where everyone finds their love, an unforgettable love Story between Satish & Kiranmoyee. story of those who are fleeing from this strong reality. A love story that can hurt or can burn everything.

Show NameCharitraheen 3
Premier onHoichoi
Released Date24th December 2020
Lead ActorSaurav Das, Nina Ganguly & Swastika Mukherjee
ProducerVinod Bhalla
DirectorDebaloy Bhattacharya

Charitraheen 3 Actor, Role, Character & Real Name

Charitraheen season 3 Cast name
Real NameCharacter name or Role NameRole
Saurav DasSatishNirupama’s brother
Swastika MukherjeeAnuja/ Rabeya SamimWas Girlfriend of Shoaib Mirza & presently a psychiatrist
Naina GangulyKirnmoyee GomesWife of Richard & Satish’s love
Sourav ChakrabortyAbhayDoctor
Mumtaz SorcarNirupamaAbhay’s wife
Alivia SarkarPatient of Rabeya Samim
Judhajit SarkarRichard GomesHusband of Kiranmoyee Gomes
Farhan ImrozeShoaib MirzaBoyfriend of Anuja
Shabnam MustafiMehendiServant of Dr.Rabeya’s house

Charitraheen 3 web series Cast name with photo

1. Saurav Das

Charitraheen 3 actor Saurav Das
Saurav Das (Satish)

Saurav Das played the role of Satish, as we know he has deep love for Kiranmoyee. Satish comes into Kolkata looking for his love Kiranmoyee but here he met with Rabeya.

Saurav is known as the king of Web series & famous for his role Montu from Montu Pilot & his another remarkable role Satish from Charitraheen season 1.

2. Swastika Mukherjee

Charitraheen 3 actress Swastika Mukherjee
Swastika Mukherjee (Anuja/ Rabeya Samim )

Swastika Mukherjee, a new face in the Charitraheen series. Swastika is shown as Rabeya Samim, a psychiatrist. In this show, Rabeya saw Anuja when she was in love with Shoaib Mirza in her college days. Rabeya aka Anjua’s father didn’t allow about their relationship that’s why she loses him, after that, she changed her religion & turned into a Muslim girl & calls herself a Muslim Widow.

3. Naina Ganguly

Charitraheen 3 actress Naina Ganguly as Kirnmoyee Gomes
Naina Ganguly (Kirnmoyee Gomes)

Naina Ganguly, as we know, she is popularly known as Kiranmayee. Again we will show her in Charitraheen 3. In this series, she is a Hindu widow who has deeply love with Satish.

Basically, Naina is a Bengali actress who works in South film industry. Naina got popularity & came into the spotlight in Bengal from Charitraheen series.

4. Sourav Chakraborty

Charitraheen 3 actor Sourav Chakraborty or Abhay
Sourav Chakraborty (Abhay)

Like previous sessions Sourav Chakraborty will be shown as Abhay. By profession Abhay is a doctor. But Abhay is a different type of human being, he finds something that he never gets. Sometimes he escapes from everything. Abhay hides the Kiranmoyee’s truth from Satish and tries to make him a mental patient.

5. Mumtaz Sorcar

Charitraheen 3 actress Mumtaz Sorcar
Mumtaz Sorcar (Nirupama)

Mumtaz Sorcar will be shown as Nirupama, Abhay’s wife like in previous sessions. Nirupama is desperate for a baby child but Abhay denies her approach, that’s why their relationship creates a distance. In this whole season, Nirupama & Abhay try to keep secrets about Kiranmoyee’s death from Satish.

6. Alivia Sarkar

Charitraheen 3 Cast Alivia Sarkar
Alivia Sarkar (Patient of Rabeya)

6. Judhajit Sarkar

Charitraheen 3 Cast Judhajit Sarkar
Judhajit Sarkar (Richard Gomes)

7. Farhan Imroze

Charitraheen 3 Cast Shoaib Mirza real name
Farhan Imroze (Shoaib Mirza)

Shoaib Mirza is another new character in this season which will be played by Farhan Imroze. Shoaib has a relationship with a Hindu girl, Anuja (Swastika Mukherjee). Shoaib and Anuja loved each other deeply but Anuja’s father didn’t accept their relationship.

8. Shabnam Mustafi

Charitraheen 3 Cast Shabnam Mustafi
Shabnam Mustafi (Mehendi)

We will show Shabnam Mustafi As Mehendi in Charitraheen session 3

Charitraheen session 3 web series Director, Producer & others Crew

Vinod BhallaProducer
Debaloy BhattacharyaDirector
Manasi Entertainment StudioProduction House

People Also Ask

When Charitraheen 3 Release Date?

Charitraheen season 3 will be released in End of 24th December 2020.

Who is the Producer of Charitraheen part 3 ?

The producer of Charitraheen Season 3 is Vinod Bhalla.

Who is the Director of Charitraheen session 3 ?

Famous director Debaloy Bhattacharya is the director of Charitraheen season 3.

How to watch Charitraheen 3 online?

Charitraheen 3 is a hoichoi (Payed OTT platform) based web series. It is available in the Hoichoi App. You have to take their subscription plane for this.

How to watch Charitraheen 3 for free?

Charitraheen 3 is a OTT based web series. It was officially published on Hoichoi App and it is totally paid But you can watch it in MX player for free in nearby days. You can also search on telegram  for free.

Charitraheen 3 Trailer

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