Bhotbhoti (2022) Movie Cast & Crew, Story & Release Date

Pramod films present another upcoming Bengali film Bhotibhoti which will be released on 11th August 2022 in theatres. Tathagata Mukherjee directed the film. Prateek Chakravorty & Soumya Sarkar produced the movie. Rishav Basu, Bibriti Chatterjee, Devoleena Dutta, Rajatava Dutta, Anirban Sen, and others are cast.

Here is the Bengali Movie Bhotibhoti cast & crew, story, actress, actors, director, producer, budget, cast real name, Released Date & lots of information.

Bhotbhoti Movie Cast & Crew, Wiki, All Actors, Story, Released Date

Bhotbhoti Movie Cast Name

  • Rishav Basu as Bhotbhoti
  • Bibriti Chattopadhay as Ariel
  • Devleena Dutta as Pakhi
  • Rajatava Dutta
  • Dipankar Dey
  • Mamata Shankar
  • Tathagata Mukherjee
  • Anirban Chakroborty as Bagha

Bhotbhoti Movie Wiki, Story & Released Date

Bhotbhoti Movie Cast

Bhotbhoti is a story of a young man who lives in Slums and collects the throne coin in the Ganges. He believes in mermaids who live in the river and one day his imagination became real.

Film NameBhotbhoti
Premier on (platform Name)Theatre
Released Date   11th August 2022
Lead actorsRishav Basu
Bibriti Chattopadhyay
Directed Tathagata Mukherjee
Producers   Prateek Chakravorty
Soumya Sarkar

Cast name with photo

1. Rishav Basu

Bhotbhoti Movie Actor Name Rishav Basu
Rishav Basu

Rishav Basu portrays the role of Bhotbhoti who collects the coin thrown into the Ganges and it’s his profession.

Rishav Basu is an actor who creates his own identity through the series. He also works in ott platform in series like Srikanto plays the role of Srikanto and we also saw him in Mahabharat. Bhotbhoti is his debut film as a lead on the big screen.

Real NameRishav Basu
Home TownKolkata

2. Bibriti Chatterjee

Bhotbhoti Movie Actress Name Bibriti Chattopadhay
Bibriti Chattopadhay

Bibriti Chatterjee plays the role of Ariel, a mermaid.

Bibriti Chatterjee is a model and actor. She is going to debut with Bhotbhoti.

Real NameBibriti Chatterjee
Home TownKolkata

3. Devleena Dutta

Bhotbhoti Movie Cast Name Devleena Dutta
Devleena Dutta

Devoleena Dutta here appears as Pakhi.

Devoleena Dutta is an Indian actress who is a popular face. Recently she was part of the movie Sohobase and apart from the big screen she also worked with television.

Real NameDevleena Dutta
Age45 years
Home TownKolkata

4. Rajatava Dutta

Bhotbhoti Movie Cast Name Rajatava Dutta
Rajatava Dutta

Rajatava Dutta is an Indian film actor. He was a part of many movies like Boss, Yuddho, Barud, Paglu, Paglu 2, Tonic, Challenge, Hoichoi Unlimited, and many more.

Real NameRajatava Dutta
Age54 years
Home TownKolkata

5. Dipankar Dey

Bhotbhoti Movie Cast Name Dipankar Dey
Dipankar Dey

Dipankar Dey is an Indian actor. He did a lot of movies and also appeared in many tv series.

Real NameDipankar Dey
Age78 years
Home TownKolkata

6. Mamata Shankar

Bhotbhoti Movie Cast Name Mamata Shankar
Mamata Shankar

Mamata Shankar is an Indian actress and dancer. We saw her in various movies like Shah Jahan Regency, Flat No609, Macher Jhol, Abohohman, Jaatishwar, and Pink.

Real NameMamata Shankar
Age67 years
Home TownKolkata

7. Tathagata Mukherjee

Bhotbhoti Movie Cast Name Tathagata Mukherjee
Tathagata Mukherjee

Tathagata Mukherjee is an Indian actor, model, and also filmmaker. Here he portrays the role of the inspector. He is the director of the film Bhotbhoti.

Real NameTathagata Mukherjee
Home TownKolkata

8. Anirban Chakroborty

Bhotbhoti Movie Cast Name Anirban Chakroborty
Anirban Chakroborty

Anirban Chakroborty appears as Bagha.

Anirban Chakraborty is an Indian actor. Anirban Sen aka Eken Babu is the lead in the series Eken Babu which aired on Hoichoi and got immense love. After the series, he also played the lead role in the movie The Eken He was also seen in other movies and series like Ghare Baire Aaj, Rabindranath Ekhane Kokhono Khete Asenni, Mukhosh, and more.

Real NameAnirban Sen
Home TownKolkata

Actor, Role, Character & Real Name

Real NameCharacter Name or Role nameRole
Rishav BasuBhotbhotiwill be updated soon
Bibriti ChattopadhyayArielwill be updated soon
Devleena DuttaPakhiwill be updated soon
Rajatava Duttawill be updated soonwill be updated soon
Dipankar Dewill be updated soonwill be updated soon
Mamata Shankarwill be updated soonwill be updated soon
Tathagata Mukherjeewill be updated soonInspector
Anirban ChakrobortyBaghawill be updated soon

Director, Producer & other Crew

ProducerPrateek Chakravorty
Soumya Sarkar
DirectorTathagata Mukherjee
Production HousePramod Films


People Also Asks

#1. When will Bhotbhoti be released?

Bhotbhoti will be released on 11th August 2022 in your nearby theatre.

#2. Who is the Producer of Bhotbhoti?

Prateek Chakravorty and Soumya Sarkar are producing the film Bhotbhoti.

#3. Who is the Director of Bhotbhoti?

Tathagata Mukherjee directed the movie Bhotbhoti.

#4. Who is the leading role in Bhotbhoti?

Rishav Basu and Bibriti Mukherjee are leading in Bhotbhoti.

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