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BABA BABY O (2022) Movie Cast & Crew, Story, Actors & Release Date

Baba Baby O is a Bengali movie that was released on 4th February 2022 to your nearby theater. Nandita Roy and Shiboprasad Mukherjee always give us a different taste in film and they again back after Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti and also presented a new taste of the story “Baba Baby O” by the banner of windows and directed by Aritra Mukherjee.

Jishu Sengupta and Solanki Roy are in leading roles. IMDb rating will be updated soon.

Here is Baba Baby O Movie cast & crew, release date, story, actors, and actress, trailer, rating, director, cast name with photo, and lots of information about Baba Baby o Bengali movie.

Baba Baby O Movie Cast & Crew, Wiki, All Actors, Story, Released Date

Baba Baby O Cast Name

  • Jisshu Sengupta as Megh
  • Solanki Roy as Brishti
  • Gaurab Chatterjee as Souvik
  • Mainak Banerjee
  • Rajat Ganguly
  • Reshmi Sen
  • Bidipta Chakraborty

Baba Baby O Movie Wiki, Story & Released Date

BABA BABY O Movie cast

Baba Baby O is a story of a man who wants to enjoy fatherhood at the age of 40 using surrogacy. Megh, a kind of man who never wants to marry, but Megh’s life takes a U-turn when he meets Brishti.

Movie NameBaba Baby O
Premier on Theatre
Released Date   4th February 2022
Lead actorsJisshu Sengupta, Solanki Roy
GenreComedy, Romantic
Directed Ariytra Mukherjee
Presented byNandita Roy & Shiboprosad Mukherjee
Cinematography by Subhankar Bhar ISC
Music byChamok-Hasan, Amit-Ishan

Baba Baby O Movie Cast name with photo

1. Jishu Sengupta

BABA BABY O Movie Actor Name Jisshu Sengupta
Jisshu Sengupta

Jishu Sengupta always comes back with a new look and new character and here he also follows the same line.

Here, Jishu plays the role of Megh and who decides on his age,40, decides to take the baby using surrogacy methods. Megh, who never wanna marry but after seeing Brishti his life takes a turn.

2. Solanki Roy

BABA BABY O Movie Actress Name Solanki Roy
Solanki Roy

Now, our favorite, Kadambini (Solanki Roy) is going to appear on the big screen in her debut film, BABA BABY O. In this movie she plays the role of Brishti, a 26 or 27 years old girl, who doesn’t love babies anymore.


3. Gaurab Chatterjee

BABA BABY O Movie Actor Name Gaurab Chatterjee
Gaurab Chatterjee

Gaurab, who appears as Souvik, and also Brishti’s boyfriend. He and Brishti decide to leave for Sydney and they come to the city a few times.


4. Mainak Banerjee

BABA BABY O Movie Actor Name Mainak Banerjee
Mainak Banerjee

Mainak Banerjee is now a popular face on the small screen, who seen every day on the Tv series “Dhulokona”.

5. Rajat Ganguly

BABA BABY O Movie cast Name Rajat Ganguly
Rajat Ganguly

Rajat Ganguly, we last saw him in Hoichoi then he came back in Star Jalsha’s new Series Gantchhora, and now here he is appearing as Megh’s father.


6. Reshmi Sen

BABA BABY O Movie cast Name Reshmi Sen
Reshmi Sen

Reshmi Sen appears as Megh’s mother.

7. Bidipta Chakroborty

BABA BABY O Movie cast Name Bidipta Chakraborty
Bidipta Chakraborty

BBaba Baby O Actor, Role, Character & Real Name

Real NameCharacter Name or Role nameRole
Jisshu SenguptaMeghwill be updated soon
Solanki RoyBrishtiwill be updated soon
Gaurab ChatterjeeSouvikwill be updated soon
Mainak BanerjeeRajawill be updated soon
Rajat Gangulywill be updated soonwill be updated soon
Reshmi SenWill be updated soonwill be updated soon
Bidipta ChakrobortyMitaBrishti’s mother

Baba Baby O Director, Producer & others crew

Presente byNandita Roy and Shiboprasad Mukherjee
DirectorAritra Mukherjee
Production HouseWindows


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The most awaited film BABA BABY O is finally is released on 4th February 2022 to your nearby theatre.

#2. Baba Baby O All Cast Name.

Jishu Sengupta, Solanki Roy, Gaurab Chatterjee, Mainak Banerjee, Rajat Ganguly, Reshmi Sen, and Bidipta Chakroborty.

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