15+ Upcoming Netflix Web Series in July 2021 | Series List

Upcoming Netflix Web Series list of July 2021 Series List

Are you looking for some upcoming Netflix Web Series in July 2021?

then you’re in the right place, Every month Netflix comes with bundles of new series and films as well. Are you think to watch Netflix series this month but don’t know, What is coming to Netflix in July 2021? and What Netflix series should you watch next?

Don’t worry here we discourse about all the upcoming Netflix series in this July month. You don’t need to search anywhere else, you get all the Upcoming Netflix Web Series list here. keep staying with us till the end of this article.

#1st July

Young Royals

It is a Swedish series about a teenage prince Wilhelm, who was forced to stay in an elite boarding school, Hillerska. Like any other teenager, he was exploring his freedom and sexuality, falling in love, and making friends. All these experiences made him stay away from royal constraints. When he knows he is next in line for the throne, he has to choose between love and duty.

Quarantine Tales

During the pandemic 2020, five different stories offer a unique, whimsical, and thought-provoking take on life. It is a collection of 5 different stories of 5 directors highlighting the struggle, hardship of life when pandemic hits.

Generation 56K

A chance encounter list two 30 somethings to remember 1998, the year their teenage hormones kicked in but the internet changed their lives forever. The story revolves around a couple who started dating during the era of the 56k modem and negotiate their relationship for the next two decades.

#2nd July

Mortel (season 2)

The series is about three French teenagers Sofiane, Lucia & Victor who were trying to stop Obe, a creature with supernatural abilities. Obe’s returns in a new form and begins to raise his army in the school. Moreover, Obe possessed Reda, Sofiane’s brother….. this time their friendship will be the greater virtue.

#6th July

You are My Spring

It is a South Korean series about Kang Da Jung, who works in a 5-star hotel & Joo Young Do, a psychiatrist. Kang Da Jung has a poor choice of men like her mother. She ends up dating someone who is awful like her father. On the other hand, Kang Da Jung who fails to heal his own wounds helps others to heal theirs. They are in a passionate bond when they became muddled in a perplexing local murder case.

#7th July

The War Next Door

It is a American series about Kennedy smith who works  as a secret agent and wants to retire from his work regime. Kriegman, his opponent move along with him into the suburbs to trouble him. It seems difficult for Kennedy for fight with his evil opponent.

#8th July

Resident Evil: The Infinite Darkness

The series is based on a popular video game series Capcom. The landmark survival horror video game series Resident has shipped over 110 million copies worldwide. Federal agent Leon S. Kennedy along with its partner Claire Redfield investigate a zombie outbreak. The story is set between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5.

#9th July

The cook of Castamar

In 1720, a talented cook caught the eye of a widowed dike who had just returned to aristocratic society. The story is centred around the love story of a cook and a widowed nobleman.

Biohackers (season2)

Successfully exposing illegal experiments with DNA in season1, MED students. Mia Akerlund suddenly realizes that she has lost her memory for the last 3 months. However, she got a note to her future self that her life is in danger. To resolve the mystery, she joined hand with a least trusted woman, professor lorenz. It will be interesting to watch these women helping each other when the whole world is against them.

Virgin River (season3)

Mel Monoroe and her loved ones are back with the third season of Virgin River . She now works as a nurse and a midwife in northern california. She thought the virgin river was the best place to start afresh. But little did she know that settling in a small town is not as easy as it looks. First she has to deal with all her fear, insecurities for her new beginning.

#14th July


A 21 year old woman steals millions in cash. An aspiring father swipes his fortune from Miami Airport and uses Tv shows how to learn to get away from it. A Kentucky dad became the biggest bourbon burglaries in history.

#15th July

Never Have I ever (season2)

The story highlights the life of a teenage girl Devi, a first generation indian- american . After her demise, she wants to change her social status in terms of her friends, family and of course relationship. She tries to deal with the grief by distracting herself with both Ben and Paxton.

#21st July

Too Hot To Handle

It is a British- American show that revolves around 10 adults. These adults who fail to have a long term relationship  are placed in a house and perform various  tasks. However these housemates are forbidden to perform any kinds of adultery like kissing and sexual activities .Anyone who breaks the rule of any kind of self gratification will lose out on the $100,000 prize.it seems to be a unique concept with new twists and turns.

Sexy Beasts

It is a dating series which transforms the singles into animals with the help of prosthetics .The main attempt of this show is to switch focus from looks to personality. It is somehow like a weirdest dream comes true.

#23rd July

Feels like Ishq

It is an Indian series and a collection of 6 different stories of love and the pain which come along with it. In the process of love, laughter, and distress the characters still manage to find what exactly love means to them. Young adults as they navigate the gamut of emotions that come with finding romantic connection in unexpected places.

Sky Rojo (season2)

Sky Rojo is a Spanish series that traces the life of three prostitutes who ran away from their pimps. It shows the brutal reality of prostitution on both the side of scales. The show highlights the value of friendship, trust, and ambiguity.

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